In the Silence Long-Forgotten, Almond Trees Blossom

In the Silence Long-Forgotten, Almond Trees Blossom

By David B P Mayne

Format: Paperback

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Publication Date: 28 Jun 2021


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Categories: Contemporary, Romance

ISBN: 9781913551995


The 1980s. Jack, a geologist in Libya is rescued from jail by Bushra, daughter of wealthy Greek/Libyan parents. Their ten-year affair is fraught with difficulties, her political activism, his loveless marriage. They have twins, born in Athens and separated at birth against their parents’ will; Stavros is taken to Benghazi by Bushra’s parents, Emma to London with Jack.

The 2020s. After Russia sweeps through the Balkans, Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean, the UN creates two mandates in Libya; Cyrenaica in the east governed by the Russians, Tripolitania and Fezzan in the west led by the European Defence Alliance (EDA). Tensions in the region are further compounded by an increasingly unstable climate and overwhelming refugee crisis.

2031. Emma’s daughter Isabel joins EDA. After surviving a life-threatening incident on the border, she is forcibly taken into Cyrenaica. Bushra, barely existing in occupied Greece, unexpectedly contacts Jack, who struggles to come to terms with their past. They are shocked to hear from Stavros, long-thought dead, who leads the resistance against the Russians in Cyrenaica and is responsible for Isabel’s abduction.

The effects of history bind family members together as they and Cyrenaica move towards a new future in this thought provoking-novel of love, tragedy and reconciliation.

David B P Mayne was born and brought up in Ireland and graduated from Trinity College Dublin. For many years he worked for Irish, British and American engineering consultants on large projects throughout Africa, the Middle East, Greece and Russia but is now retired. He has completed two courses with the London School of Journalism; Short Story Writing and Travelling Writing. He now lives in Surrey with his wife.


Wild Writing Life (Guest Review) - 27 Sep, 2021

In the Silence Long Forgotten, Almond Trees Blossom brings Libya, a North African country with such a rich historical heritage and so much political bad luck, into the English-speaking narrative. It pushes the reader to do some additional searches about this country and particularly the region featured in the book.

Sarah Naidine Cox (Guest Review) - 27 Sep, 2021

'It is a superbly written tale of family, love and the love of a country, set in the near future.'

I really enjoyed this historical novel. It was well-written and set in three time periods over five decades. It was the perfect mix of history, hope, love and heartbreak. It was an intense and fascinating read. I was immediately drawn into this story and its characters, making it
hard to put down.

Mayne creates a story that is believable, his knowledge of the region and the political landscape, making it a riveting, well thought through and a poignant read.

Karen (Hair Past a Freckle) (Guest Review) - 27 Sep, 2021

In the Silence Long-Forgotten, Almond Trees Blossom is a richly evocative tale of desire and loss, family and love. Poignantly melancholic yet imbued with hopeful determination, it's both a sweeping epic of shared humanity and an intense, intimate love story, I was captivated throughout and highly recommend it.

Sharon (Beyond the Books) (Guest Review) - 27 Sep, 2021

A story of the generations of one family and the majority of it is set in Libya, the ancient parts that have always been fought over since time immemorial, Cyrenaica, Tripolitania and Fezzan. The author’s knowledge of the region shines through so the sense of place made it a riveting read, along with the politics he so clearly defines. It makes for a very believable story. One that is a mix of love, heartbreak, history and a future that is not so far away. His characters made me feel like I was part of their story and I always love that in a book. It makes me not want to put it down unless I have to.

All in all a very well-written, thought-provoking and fascinating story.

Anne (Guest Review) - 07 Nov, 2021

This book is set in Northern Africa and Southern Europe from an expat viewpoint. A captivating love story full of originality that starts in the past and progresses into the future. A very well written novel painting a pessimistic political fictional landscape, albeit in a beautiful region. I didn’t want it to finish it!

PRDG Reads (Guest Review) - 27 Sep, 2021

Wow... this book just came out of nowhere and stole my heart.

The story didn’t go the way I expected it to at all, it was heart-warming, heart-breaking, full of secrets that were left to discover and went in directions that I never thought it would!

That's Books (Guest Review) - 24 Nov, 2021

In the Silence Long-Forgotten Almond Trees Blossom David B P Mayne has written an interesting story set in the future. Not the far distant future, but the near future.

In the 1980s a geologist, Jack, working in Libya is jailed. Eventually Jack is released from jail by the daughter of rich Greek/Libyan parents, Bushra.

They have a decade-long affair which is fraught with problems. He is in a marriage from which love is totally absent and her political activism are just two of them.

Bushra gives birth to twins fathered by Jack. Against the wills of their parents the children are separated at birth. Emma leaves for London with Jack, Stravros is taken by Bushra's parents to Benghazi.

Moving into the 2020s, Russia sweeps through the Balkans, the Eastern Mediterranean and Greece.

The UN steps in to create two mandates in Libya. In the East is Cyrenaica, under Russian control.

In the West is Tripolitania and Fezzan under the guidance of the EDA, the European Defence Alliance.

Other factors in the region cause instability including climate change and a growing refugee situation.

By 2031 Emma's daughter has joined the EDA. She is captured on the border and taken by force to Cyrenaica.

But who ordered her capture? And why?

Thoughtfox (Guest Review) - 26 Jan, 2022

Couldn't wait to get to bed every evening to become absorbed in this surprising, informative and gripping novel. I really didn't want it to end. It felt contemporary, thought provoking and, despite the many complex dramas, strangely hopeful. From the perspective of a psychotherapist, I couldn't help but relish how well it held up psychoanalytically and this is always a personal added bonus.

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