At the Stroke of One

At the Stroke of One

By Ian C Graham

Format: Hardback

Publication Date: 28 Jun 2021


Categories: Health and Wellbeing, Self-Help, Autobiography

ISBN: 9781913551957


At The Stroke of One is the memoir of Ian C Graham, who was born and raised in Berry Brow, Huddersfield and moved to Cornwall with his family in 1996 to take over the running of the Bossiney House Hotel. 

It is a tale of an ordinary man, a happy life, and the aftermath of dealing with a life changing stroke. 

Covering his childhood, working life, sporting life as a keen cricketer and footballer as well as his family life (including his marriage and children and divorce), At The Stroke of One evaluates life before, during and after the stroke Ian experienced aged forty-seven. 

Restricted on use in his right-hand side from his shoulder down to his right foot, Ian suddenly found life very different and simple activities became a challenge. Ten weeks of recuperation in a specialist unit opened his eyes to the reality that life is precious and needs to be lived to the full. 

Born in the village of Berry Brow, Huddersfield and raised in the local area, Ian C Graham now lives in Cornwall running the Celtic Legend gift shop with his ex-wife Heather. Ian is a doting father and grandfather and this is his first book.


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