The Man from Harrods: Turner's Round - Pianos, Patrons and Patience

The Man from Harrods: Turner's Round - Pianos, Patrons and Patience

By Steven Harris

Format: Paperback

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Publication Date: 28 May 2021


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Categories: Media and the Arts, Autobiography

ISBN: 9781913551858


It’s a pretty boring job, tuning pianos, isn’t it? Anyway, isn’t it a dying craft now? It has been called a dying craft for years and it still holds a mystery for many people. 

Step back in time to the 1970s as Steven Harris begins an unusual and unexpected career as a piano tuner at Harrods Ltd, London’s most famous department store. Prestigious emporium of the rich and elite, what was it like working there as a teenage trainee piano technician? How and why did the author – brought up in care and leaving school with virtually no qualifications whatsoever – get offered a position there?

Steven Harris tells all in The Man from Harrods – a thoroughly entertaining and terrific tale!

"A brilliant book written from the perspective of a piano tuner." Pianist International magazine

Steven Harris is the son of composer and Cornish bard William Lewarne Harris. He left school with no qualifications and few prospects. He spent his childhood in children’s homes in Hertfordshire, Surrey and Stevenage. On being reunited with his father in London as a teenager, he succeeded in being taken on as a piano tuner and technician for Harrods Ltd, attending to the needs of numerous well-known London institutions along with the rich and famous clientele of Harrods. He later returned to education as a mature student and qualified as a teacher, then teaching in London schools. He now divides his time between South London and Kent, where he continues to teach and write.


Steve Smith (Guest Review) - 29 May, 2021

Highly entertaining yet informative too; great to read about real life experiences, also has both humorous and poignant moments.

Pianist International magazine (Guest Review) - 15 Nov, 2021

A brilliant book written from the perspective of a piano tuner.

Lee Field (Guest Review) - 01 Jun, 2021

A special memoir that gives a unique insight into a highly skilled profession. Very enjoyable and I wanted it to continue!

Musical Opinion Quarterly (Guest Review) - 30 Jun, 2021

Written in an easy-going, chatty style, and crammed full of anecdotes and insights into the piano-tuner’s world (I feel the revelations do not solely apply to Harrods’ employees), this is a welcome read throughout, in the course of which traversal the reader will find much to ponder over and be thankful for the additional knowledge Steven Harris imparts.

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