The Triumph of Love and Liberty

The Triumph of Love and Liberty

By Hugh Franks

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: June 25, 2015


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Categories: Romance

ISBN: 9781910298695


When little Paul Johnston is suddenly orphaned, the young Sussex lad ends up, by a series of strange events, being brought up in Hamburg by a German businessman during the turbulent inter-war years. Moving from 1930s Germany to an English public school, the conflicting influences of his youth are forced into the open when war is declared and he must choose on which side to fight -- an issue further complicated by his falling in love with a young Englishwoman.

Enduring a series of harrowing wartime experiences, from Dunkirk to the depths of a Russian winter, Paul battles to stay alive, desperate one day to be reunited with the only girl he has ever truly loved.

This compelling tale of love in a time of war will sweep you along with the young soldier in missions that cover the length and breadth of Europe, as he changes from a naive youth to a mature man.


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