Horse Sense

Horse Sense

By Godfray Amy

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: Jan. 28, 2022


Categories: Contemporary, Young Adult

ISBN: 9781914471001


It is only the true champion who can steer themselves through the testing times to attain recognition.

When Billy Brent is referred to his secondary school’s headmaster after being bullied for his dirty clothes, his life turns upside down. When social services take him into care, away from the mother who loves him but can’t provide for him, shadows are discovered on his lungs and it’s deemed necessary to get him away from London.

His new, loving foster parents run a business near Newmarket, retraining retired racehorses and selling them on. At the auction sales, Billy picks out a little black foal that against his foster father's better judgement they bid, buy her, and take her home. Over the coming months the filly, growing and maturing with Billy, soon became his best and only true friend he'd ever had.

Meanwhile, his birth mother’s health has improved and social services mean for Billy to return to London. All he wants is to stay where is happy and content and fulfil his ambition to become an apprentice jockey, riding his fractious and wilful filly to the race track.

Horse Sense is suitable for both adult and young adult readers.

Godfray Amy lives yards from the sea in Jersey, and his interests include horse racing, sailing and motor racing. Having trained several of his own horses locally over a period of 10 years, he later became part owner of a small yard near Newmarket, where racehorses from the most famous yards were rested, stored and rehabilitated. His first novel Horseplay (Book Guild) was enthusiastically received. Writing now forms an increasing part in his professional life. Horse Sense is his fifth novel.


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