What, How and Why: A Manual of Better English

What, How and Why: A Manual of Better English

By Peter Inson

Format: Paperback

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Publication Date: 28 Sep 2021


Categories: Business, Essays and Literary Criticism, History, Politics and Society, Self-Help

ISBN: 9781913913175


While tutoring a twenty-five school ‘failure’, Peter Inson began to appreciate widespread concerns about the poor literary standards of many young people in the UK. Attention seemed to be directed towards examinations and ways of impressing examiners rather than crucial skills that underpin an educated life. Faced with the idea of tutoring a school reject and a school refuser, Peter had to find ways to engage them so he adapted ideas from car manuals and progressive methods of teaching.

This is a book that engages students directly with openness, honesty and respect and it maximises their chances of getting things right and finding the confidence to take the next step. It is designed to be used as a class text, a reference book for teachers, tutors and parents, and is jam-packed full of resources and further reading.

“Inson’s book is the kind of text which we need in the education system in this country – a rich and wide-ranging resource...”

– Tim Oates, Research Director for Cambridge Assessment

Peter Inson was born in 1947, grew up in Essex, trained as an agriculturalist and farmed before becoming a teacher of English. MA (Ed), BA, BEd, NDA. He taught in Essex, Lancashire, and became a headteacher in West London then left the state system to teach at an international school in Switzerland, where he began writing. He has published both novels and non-fiction books, written for the national media as well as academic papers, and has also worked as a tutor and examiner. He is based in Colchester, Essex.



L. Staple (Guest Review) - 01 Jul, 2021

This book has proved to be an excellent resource. My son always struggled with the usual teaching of the English language and when his GCSE exam approached and it was predicted to be ungraded, it was obvious that a different view was needed.
Using "What, How and Why" gave him the tools he needed to understand and use the English language and he passed his GCSE with a good grade. This turnaround happened in a few short weeks and I definitely recommend this book.

Edward Merriman (Guest Review) - 02 Jul, 2021

An excellent book. Practical, engaging and worthy of all your attention.

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