Poetic Justice: The Inheritance

Poetic Justice: The Inheritance

By Fran Raya

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: Nov. 28, 2021


Categories: Fantasy and Horror

ISBN: 9781913913762


Randal Forbes calls his phenomenal, telepathic powers ‘the gift’.

Randal had been anticipating the arrival of his special child who would bear the hallmark of his spiritual legacy. It was a rancid, bitter pill to swallow when Roxanne was born out of the result of a one-night stand with his artist, Maxine Hale. She is married to Saul Curtis and has passed the baby off as his, but she is aware of her daughter’s true paternity and is very disturbed by her penetrative gaze and strange behaviour.

Randal’s wife, Alison, and their children, are still completely blind to his dark side. 

Clive Hargreaves, his lover and protector, remains eternally at his side.

In this fourth book of the series, Randal encounters further danger ahead, but the main aim is to develop and nurture ‘the gift’ that is blossoming within his chosen child, Roxanne.

Randal Forbes has a dark side so powerful that only someone with a similar ‘gift’ would be able to challenge him and when Carlton Flint appears in his deadly arena, Randal may well have met his match!

Fran Raya currently lives in Manchester. Her career has been predominantly in music since the 1970s, both in the UK and abroad, originally as a singer-songwriter but now in later years purely as a songwriter who places original songs with other artists. Fran is a member of The Guild of International Songwriters and Composers (GISC) and has been featured in their quarterly magazines. She has performed throughout Europe as she used to be based in Denmark and was the support act for Eric Clapton on his Scandinavian tours in the 1980s. She has also published poetry in numerous anthologies and as a result was awarded her own book, Thoughts of the Poet. The Inheritance is the fourth book in the Poetic Justice series, following The Dawning, Oxford and Fame – all published by The Book Guild.


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