By R. S. Sutton

Format: Paperback

(9 customer reviews)

Publication Date: July 28, 2021


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Categories: Crime and Thrillers

ISBN: 9781913913137


Valerie Stone has two possessions, a vintage Jag and an old watch. She smokes too many French cigarettes, rents a houseboat on the Thames and keeps male admirers at arm’s length. Investigating the lucrative and mostly legal, she’s been a private detective for the last four years. And before that? Well, that’s her business. 

Money has been tight of late, but a sizable pay-out from an insurance investigation could level things up, at least for a while. When a body is washed up on the south coast, it seems a straightforward case of death by misadventure. That is until she finds herself blackmailed by a covert organisation looking into the same incident.

Silence mixed with misinformation leads Valerie, and those around her, into a very dirty storm.

R. S. Sutton is now retired from running his own business. He has worked around the UK, North and Southern Ireland, South Africa and Mozambique and lives in Devon.



Tania Murrell (Guest Review) - 16 Aug, 2021

A fast paced adventure, which would be an ideal choice for a book group discussion, the intriguing characters give plenty of scope for analysis and lively debate.

Jeni Sampson (Guest Review) - 29 Jul, 2021

Excellent read from the start, kept me engrossed, couldn’t put the book down.
Good story line hope the author writes more intriguing stories, look forward to reading another book by R S Sutton

Harry Palmer (Guest Review) - 05 Aug, 2021

Brilliant novel! From start to finish Valerie keeps you deep within the pages as she navigates this 'Dirty Storm'. Well paced and well written, fingers crossed for a Valerie sequel!

Shazz Stubbings (Guest Review) - 08 Sep, 2021

WOW!! For a first book, I was very impressed. I have to be honest and admit it took me until the seventh page to really get into the story, but boy was I then gripped!
It was so nice to read about a bad-ass female for a change, and I can't wait for more adventures from Valerie Stone.

Tina Saxton (Guest Review) - 08 Sep, 2021

Fabulous book, great for a 1st book by the author. Valerie had me hooked. The other characters too. A great story, and a character that I would like to see more of definitely. I look forward to the next book

Anne walker (Guest Review) - 07 Aug, 2021

Thrilling read. Cannot wait for the next adventure!

Sue Crowther (Guest Review) - 15 Aug, 2021

Superb book, hard to put down! Very well written and the author has you warming to Valerie from the outset. I truly hope that this is the first book of many featuring Valerie, as I really want to know what happens next - the ending left me wanting more! I will be recommending this to all my fellow reading friends.

M Malc (Guest Review) - 26 Sep, 2021

I found this a book of a first half followed by two quarters….where the style changes as the pace quickens, which I found rather disconcerting. The first half sets the scene and introduces the players. The 3rd and 4th quarters provide the meat of the story, and the book ends with the promise of a sequel and yes, I would pick up a sequel and give it a read.

NetGalley review (Guest Review) - 23 Sep, 2021

It was the description of this book that enticed me in. Valerie, a female private detective who drives a vintage Jag and smokes French cigarettes. It reminded me a bit of the old classic detectives.

Valerie starts off being offered a simple job from an insurance company who have asked her to look into the death of a man that was found washed up on a beach. It was reported as a straight forward boating accident but they need to be sure due to the high insurance payout. And as any crime novel reader knows, anything stated as straight forward very rarely is which is exactly the case here. With the help of her assistant Jane, Valerie seems to go from one twist and turn to another meeting lots of characters on the way. There is a possible love interest with the deceased’s brother and also a possible clandestine government department wanting to help, that may or not be the good guys. Nothing is what it seems here and it certainly keeps you guessing right up until the end. The only downside for me was the number of characters, I did find I was getting a little lost as to who was who later on in the book.

Even though I struggled with the start of this book for some reason, it took me some time to get interested, I am glad I stuck it out because it was certainly worth the read. Would definitely recommend.

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