Know More Lies

Know More Lies

By Chris Gray

Format: Paperback

(2 customer reviews)

Publication Date: 28 May 2021


Categories: Crime and Thrillers

ISBN: 9781913551841


Luck can only take you so far...

Robbie Howard is a streetwise, fast-talking, unemployed 23-year old living in Leicester with the only person that he cares about, his critically ill grandad. Effectively orphaned at the age of 8, Robbie has grappled with the transition to adult life prompting him to lie to his grandad about being employed in a job that doesn’t exist. His income is usually derived from pedalling stolen goods and participating in other low-level scams with colourful drug addicts and small-time petty criminals.

When the opportunity arises to dupe an elderly charity shop worker and steal a high-value donation of clothes by a local rock star, Robbie can’t resist. But Robbie realises he’s in too deep when the son of the charity worker, Egan, catches on to his game. 

Could Robbie’s time be running out?

Chris Gray worked for the UK’s largest insurance company for 17 years. He then traded in financial reward for personal gain and began working for the Connexions service where he mentored young people who had significant barriers to progression. Now self-employed, he undertakes college and university lectures as well as providing management and consultancy to a company that work with long-term unemployed adults. Know More Lies is the examination of the role of a mentor who coerces a young person to unwittingly pursue activities that may have a positive effect on their future. 


Nadine Smith (Guest Review) - 02 Jun, 2021

Great read!! I read this book in less than 24 Hours! I just couldn't put it down! Great story! So many little stories that branch off, it's great! You don't expect it turn out how it does!

Tracy Julian (Guest Review) - 17 Jun, 2021

Another outstanding book by Chris Gray, I was gripped from the start, couldn't put it down, I was still reading it at 1.30 am. Few twists that you do not expect.
The book is based in the city of Leicester, coming from Leicester myself I knew the areas, streets and of course the pubs.

Would recommend

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