Golden Flowers for Little Dragon (Welsh Edition)

Golden Flowers for Little Dragon (Welsh Edition)

By Ffion Jones

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: Oct. 28, 2021


Categories: Self-Help, Picture Books, Young Adult, Young Children

ISBN: 9781914471711


Golden Flowers for Little Dragon follows a dragon family’s journey through loss and grief following the death of the youngest sibling, Little Dragon. Covering life before Little Dragon dies, his death, and then the period of time after his death, the book supports children preparing for or coping with the death of a sibling, including those with rare or undiagnosed conditions. By focusing on how Little Dragon’s brother and sister are affected by his illness and death, the book normalises confusing emotions that may seem overwhelming to a child faced with these circumstances. The book also includes an information section, written by a paediatric palliative care nurse, incorporating questions for children to work through with adults.

Ffion Jones is a children’s author and illustrator, focusing on books that deal with challenging subjects. She has a PhD in English Literature from the University of Wales, Bangor. She writes and illustrates the Nurse Ted series (, which is used worldwide to help parents explain serious illness to children. More recently, she founded a social enterprise called Fly Me Stories ( which sends personalised stories to seriously unwell children all around the UK. Her other books include Emily is Being Bullied: What Can She Do? co-authored with Professor Helen Cowie and Dr Harriet Tenenbaum (Jessica Kingsley Publisher, 2018), A School for Everyone: Stories & Lesson Plans to Teach Inclusivity & Social Issues (Jones, Cowie, Tenenbaum, Jessica Kingsley Publisher, 2021) and To the Moon and Back (Ventorros Press, 2021). Ffion lives in Swansea.



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