Bertrand and Wally Tackle the Clove-Hitch Virus Crisis

Bertrand and Wally Tackle the Clove-Hitch Virus Crisis

By Eric Carroll

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: Aug. 28, 2022


Available to pre-order.

Categories: Young Adult

ISBN: 9781914471995


“William Hiccup,” said Bertrand, “you are evidently suffering from THE CLOVE-HITCH VIRUS!”

“Well, I’ll be a popped-lipped wrong-hipped wobbity-wiggled-wobbled wonky-legged son-of-a-peg-legged clove-hitching post!”

When Bertrand the beetle and Wally, a woodland wasp with a waspy mind, set off on a journey through the wood of Lower Tinklewigglebottom to Bertrand’s good friend Professor Clapperstein’s Research Institute, their voyage is abound with incidents and meetings of other insect acquaintances.

A notable earwig scientist, inventor and discoverer, Professor Clapperstein has made a discovery from a human landfill site that will take the group on an adventure through time and space… But will the threat of the Clove-Hitch Virus Crisis follow them to this new world of aliens and medieval knights?

As Bertrand the Beetle himself would say: “A Book as Bouncy, Bountiful and Brilliant as a King-Cut Kindled Candle.”


Eric Carroll left school at 14 and joined the RAF as a Boy Entrant, serving for fifteen years. Since then, he has been a professional chef, a college lecturer in Bermuda, poet and traveller, amateur photographer and muralist, a ranchero in Mexico, bartender, EFL teacher, and a VSO Volunteer in Egypt. Now retired, Eric is presently occupied in editing and redrafting a string of stories he wrote in earlier years.


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