The Marble Curse

The Marble Curse

By Richard Vincent

Format: Paperback

(14 customer reviews)

Publication Date: March 28, 2021


Categories: Fantasy and Horror, Young Adult, Young Children

ISBN: 9781913551674


A mysterious parcel. A plea for help. A vicious curse.

Joe Raven is an inventor of small gadgets with extraordinary power. He and his sister, Beth, discover a mysterious parcel in their garden. Inside is a silver bird, a blank guidebook and a note from an unknown 'Granelda' seeking their help to overcome a vicious curse.

Joe and Beth set out on their mission to follow Granelda's clues and their journey catapults them back to 1789 where they become embroiled with the creator of this ghastly curse. In a race against time, the two siblings must find an antidote, save the citadel and return to home safely.

Can they make it, or will their perilous path prove too challenging to overcome?

Richard Vincent is Emeritus Professor at Brighton and Sussex Medical School and worked as a Consultant Cardiologist in Brighton hospitals for many years. As well as having over 120 papers published, he has also produced 60 educational videos and has presented children’s talks at the Royal Institution and the institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in London. He was a British Heart Foundation Lecturer, speaking across the UK. For several years he has been teaching science at home to his nine middle-grade grandchildren, observing that his teaching is often accompanied by experiments not included in official curricula! He lives in East Sussex.


Me Is - 03 Jun, 2021

A brilliant read, throughly enjoyed reading it and filling the storyline and uncovering the secrets! Definitely recommend it, it is a wonderful book and it leaves you wanting more.

Jack Stuart (Guest Review) - 02 Jun, 2021

If you’re a particular person partial to a whimsical fantasy adventure involving time travel, friendship, joint jeopardy, gadgets to jangle the mind and packed with clever ideas, twists and wordplay – you and your family will enjoy the tale of Beth and Joe who are our stars in The Marble Curse – a sibling sizzler jumping with startling ideas and invention.

Our heroes brave the mortifying dangers of a cursed world to try to transform it . . . what will be the outcome? Within these pages bounce hopeful echoes of Harry Potter and CS Lewis, and there’s a metaphor . . . or four, for those that have eyes to see them.

Look no further . . .

Teragram (Guest Review) - 02 Jun, 2021

The Marble Curse was one of those books you just could not put down. All housework and gardening were forgotten and I read this book until I finished it within two days! It was thrilling, awesome, fearsome and one had to read on to see 'what happened next'. This book is packed with adventure, drama, fantastic new words, fear, fun and the question one is asking all through is: do they succeed?

I bought this book as a gift to our granddaughter, who is reading the book with her Daddy.. After only a couple of days of reading they are both well and truly hooked!

Lucky (Guest Review) - 07 Jun, 2021

Gripping story from page one. Unique characters woven together in an exciting storyline. If you like science fiction, adventure and fantasy then this is the book for you. 100% recommended.

Fallow47 (Guest Review) - 02 Jun, 2021

Richard has woven real conditions into a gripping tale which holds the attention, there are several dimensions to the story line, things are not always what they seem, using technology from the present travelling back in time, this has a wealth of enchanting imagery, stretching vocabulary and definitely a plot with mileage, really hope there is a sequel, some of the most original ideas in a book, I enjoyed this as an adult, suggest making a note to remind yourself of what a PEST gadget is, hoping this will be made available in the next edition.

Lin C (Guest Review) - 02 Jun, 2021

Having bought 'The Marble Curse' as a gift for our grandson he told us that, " It was a thrilling book to read with lots of good twists". As soon as he'd read it, he recommended it to his friends. My husband and I also read it and thoroughly enjoyed this well-written book. It was an engaging story with layers of meaning so it works as one of those books that can appeal to children and adults alike. If I was still teaching, it's just the kind of book that I would read aloud to my class.

CR Brighton (Guest Review) - 02 Jun, 2021

An absolutely compelling read from start to finish. Couldn’t put the book down with its clever storyline, ingenious characters and depth of plot. Highly recommended for readers of all ages. Most definitely worth reading!

Frazzles Mum, Cambridge (Guest Review) - 02 Jun, 2021

If you like a racing plot full of suspense, mystery, danger mixed in with dodgy potions and nail-biting twists, this is your book. Will it end well? Richard's writing helps you really care what happens to Joe and Beth. I particularly liked the last two lines. I read it at bedtime, and still got a good night's sleep.

Polly P (Guest Review) - 02 Jun, 2021

Peppered with formulas, friends, foes and fun,
this is a fast, furious and fearsome fable,
a nail-biting, nerve-wracking, never-to-be-forgotten
adventure and allegory,
with anagrams and acronyms,
magic, mystery and mayhem,
a curse and a conundrum...
...and a gadget or three.
Just read it!

Dr Andy Mott (Guest Review) - 19 May, 2021

A gripping adventure, vividly drawn characters, memorable gadgets and special effects, all are essential elements of this wonderful book. But hidden beneath are deeper meanings. What or who is the beautiful bird called Thyripolis? Why does the Guide have blank pages, and what is its significance? What is the relationship between rational thought and intuitive trust? Why is the marble curse itself so chilling in its reality? The author is more than happy for us to enjoy the story in its own right, but the questions remain…

Eleanor (Guest Review) - 19 May, 2021

The Marble Curse is a brilliant book that feels like it could actually happen. Joe is wonderfully creative, and Beth is very creative. When I read it, I felt like I was there with them. I totally recommend it.’

Colin Hartland (Guest Review) - 23 Jul, 2021

This book transported me in different directions in my imagination. I became a time traveller with Beth and Joe, an adventurer with them in the eighteenth century environs of Caladrin and Boarham and a problem solver as they discover messages from the personal guide in their quest to stop and solve the Marble Curse. As I read it I returned to my childhood self, totally absorbed in a book about the heroism and adventurous spirit of children where adults are clearly on the periphery. I was reminded of stories I loved as a boy, Professor Brainstorm, The Swallows and Amazons and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It made me realise again that we never lose the child within us and somewhere we retain that openness and excitement which all children instinctively possess. Richard Vincent writes beautifully, humorously and cleverly about this view of the world and creates a rich, allegorical, sometimes dark but always uplifting tale where goodness ultimately prevails. There is a strong spiritual message woven through the story which is communicated sensitively and honestly. I can't wait for my granddaughter (nearly two) to be a few years older so I can share it with her! This story may be intended for children but it is also a book for children who are now adults! A wonderful read!

Paul Kelly (Guest Review) - 24 Jan, 2022

The Marble Curse is Richard Vincent's wonderful debut novel for young teens. Being a long time fan of children's literature, I was overjoyed to find a contemporary read that quickly took me out of my adult world, and into a world of time-travel and England's historic past.

Our two heroes, Joe and his sister Beth, have a close, though competitive, relationship that offers just enough friction to keeps things interesting. There are wonderfully 'magical' creatures like the silver bird that comes to life in various guises, and leads the two on their fantastic journey to help 'Granelda' undo the cruel Marble Curse. Along the way they meet some unforgettable characters, both good and evil, often very funny but always memorable.

There are fascinating scientific gadgets created by Joe, and Beth has an uncanny mind for solving puzzles. She also has the special relationship with the silver bird. The Marble Curse, like the Harry Potter books, is a terrific romp with a soul, an intellect, and a real sense of humour. Highly recommended!

Jenny Granelda Money (Guest Review) - 31 Jan, 2022

There is absolutely nothing infantile about this children's story for adults! The sheer inventiveness of the author, obvious in his creation of the fascinating -- and credible -- characters, the scenic locations and the intriguing plot of the book, beggars belief. What about a sequel Mr V.?? Surely Joe and Beth have further adventures up their sleeve??!!

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