Home is not a Country

Home is not a Country

By David Blackie

Publication Date: July 28, 2022


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Categories: Contemporary, Historical

ISBN: 9781915122339


Would you go back in time to save a man’s life even if it meant losing what you had?

Jim, a divorced academic from England, is in Australia on a research trip. He visits his uncle Archie and his wife Nesta, who emigrated there in the 1950s. Their coyness about how they met piques Jim’s interest and he decides to investigate.

This is a story about three people’s journeys – to Australia, across Australia and into their pasts.

Travelling across the country, Jim learns more about his relatives, more about himself and falls in love… But when Jim, Archie and Nesta meet again in Sydney, stories from their pasts collide with news about Archie’s health; Jim must make a decision which will affect all of their lives.

We all bury aspects of our past lives… But if we want to find fulfilment, we need to confront them at some point.


David Blackie was born and brought up in Edinburgh. He moved to Nottingham in the late eighties and after a long career at the University of Nottingham happily swapped writing business cases for writing creatively. David lives in Beeston and is currently working on his second novel, set in nineteenth century Russia.


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