The Fall Out

The Fall Out

By D J Arthur

Format: Paperback

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Publication Date: 28 Apr 2021


Categories: Contemporary

ISBN: 9781913551766


Anita and Marilyn are inseparable, despite their differing characters. When Anita marries David, his own best friend, John, soon falls for Marilyn. The two couple’s lives become firmly entwined. 

John, a freelance journalist, is surprised when an old friend asks him to write for his publication, The Swiftian, a strongly anti-EU paper. He agrees and is tasked to delve into EU matters. Anita is promoted to a full-time post in Brussels and David, to everyone’s surprise, is elected as the Conservative candidate for Benfleet. As John delves deeper into the EU for his investigation, Anita’s new post proves very Eurocentric and David must battle either his wife – or his party – to be true to himself.

Marilyn meanwhile has secrets of her own that suddenly look like resurfacing as Anita and David’s relationship heads for the rocks…  

A novel of two women, their marriages and the looming EU referendum all centred around a story of ambiguous motives. 

D J Arthur travelled extensively as a child due to his father being in the Navy. He lived in England and Canada, then eventually Scotland, where he finished his schooling. A career in finance and business administration followed. Now living in Milton Keynes, he divides his time between writing and supporting the ups (and mostly downs) of Greenock Morton Football Club.


D Campbell (Guest Review) - 16 Jul, 2021

This is a fascinating study of two marriages and the potentially damaging consequences of burying past mistakes set against a feverish political scene.

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