George Barry: Lost in Burhampton

George Barry: Lost in Burhampton

By Jesse Basset

Publication Date: 28 Aug 2022


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Categories: Contemporary

ISBN: 9781915122537


When George is faced with Burhampton’s right-wing mafia, the Spatchcockers, and their campaign to close The Golden Tandoori, he knows he can’t act alone. With the help of a Zorro fancy dress costume, he brings to life Fairness Man: a superhero on a mission for social justice. Together they go on an adventure where they grapple with corporate coffee giants, homelessness, council bureaucracy, global warming and religion, as their family look on dismayed.

Will George and Fairness Man thwart the Spatchcockers' plans? Will they reconstruct society through a grassroots movement that marries socialism, performance art and mindfulness into a new ethos for all?

George Barry: Lost in Burhampton is a satirical, laugh out loud, roller coaster romp. It has been compared to the writing of Tom Sharpe, PG Wodehouse and John Kennedy Toole. It is a comedy for our times.


Jesse Basset has a career in marketing. He started writing fiction when his children were small. Through the process of writing for children, he found what came most naturally to him was comedy. He’s now turned his attention to writing a comedy novel for adults. George Barry is his first published book. Jesse lives in Hove with his wife, Louise, and two daughters, Edie and Lexi.


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