Angel's Blade

Angel's Blade

By Lewis Hinton

Publication Date: Oct. 28, 2022


Available to pre-order.

Categories: Crime and Thrillers

ISBN: 9781915122988


A profound secret that echoes down the centuries is uncovered by a uniquely gifted girl, who in doing so jeopardises her own life and that of the only person who can protect her… 

Spring, 1970. A beautiful and precociously talented pupil goes missing from a residential school in Cornwall; special investigator Jack Sangster is assigned to help local police find her.

At first nonplussed by the girl having apparently disappeared into thin air, Sangster gains an understanding of local people, legends and landscapes that help him unravel mysteries far, far deeper than could have been imagined. Despite initial scepticism, he wonders…

Did events from two thousand years ago in this remote corner of Europe really have repercussions that might rock the very foundations of western society?

Governments on both sides of the iron curtain, and even hallowed religious institutions, certainly seem to think so. As pressure mounts from all sides, it will take all of Sangster’s skill and determination, as well as some luck, to discover the truth before it’s too late...


Lewis Hinton was born in the Wirral, subsequently living in Sunderland, Truro, Rye, London, and Luxembourg. Married, with four children and three grandchildren, he now resides in Grasse. Lewis began his varied career at art school, finishing as a banking software company CEO, and travelling extensively along the way. Previously writing mainly non-fiction, Lewis now turns his hand to novels.


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