The View From Here

The View From Here

By Annie Stewart

Publication Date: 28 Oct 2022


Categories: Young Children

ISBN: 9781915352217


The View From Here is all about Harriet, a beautiful pink toy hippo, who goes to live with a little girl called Alice.

Harriet has been bought for Alice as a birthday present by her father at the Henley Regatta and she leads a very glamorous lifestyle until Alice is given a computer for her 7th birthday.

Suddenly, Harriet is no longer the apple of Alice's eye but a 'has been hippo' languishing on top of a dusty wardrobe.

How can she make Alice love her again...


Annie Stewart is a Cheltenham based author of a trilogy of books about the antics of a mischievous border terrier called Wilf. She has also written two books based on Pickle, her black and white cat, Pickle & Lily (which featured at the 70th anniversary of the Cheltenham Literature festival in 2019) and Pickle Plays the Fiddle (July 2021). Annie runs creative workshops in schools called ‘Drawing with Words’ and works in a special needs school in Cheltenham.


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