Drumendus: Mission to the Drum Planet

Drumendus: Mission to the Drum Planet

By Andrew Ashwin

Publication Date: Oct. 28, 2022


Available to pre-order.

Categories: Young Children

ISBN: 9781915352231


A mysterious planet. A remarkable family secret.

And music . . . EVERYWHERE!

Blast off to the planet Drumendus with twelve-year-old Ella Crinkle and her best friend Freddie, on a homemade spaceship invented by brilliant and eccentric Aunt Belinda, the most famous astronaut in history.

Will Ella be able to face her fears and uncover the truth about her family's past? What other secrets will she uncover on this unexpected, musical adventure to the extraordinary purple planet?


Andrew Ashwin lives in rural Leicestershire with his wife and daughters, in a house full of books and musical instruments. When he’s not daydreaming about Drumendus, he teaches singing, conducts choirs and performs in concerts around the country. He is passionate about music education, and believes every child should have the chance to experience the joy of music.


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