The Find

The Find

By Anna M Holmes

Publication Date: Oct. 28, 2022


Available to pre-order.

Categories: Contemporary

ISBN: 9781915352316


When human remains are found deep in an Irish peat bog, the National Museum of Ireland takes charge and their bog body specialist, Carrie O’Neill, begins to investigate. She notices unexpected features on this well-preserved body and later tests suggest an intriguing history.

As Carrie tries to make sense of all she learns, speculation sends people reeling. Repercussions ripple throughout the world, pulling Carrie into the ensuing controversy. She finds herself caught up in events that she has not foreseen and cannot control.

The more she delves into the mystery that is the talk of every TV show, the more she is warned off. Fear and outrage mount as she prepares a much-anticipated exhibition of their precious discovery.

The Find raises one almighty question that will shake up everything we think we know.


Stories with big themes written as page-turners are Anna M Holmes’s speciality. She loves research - exploring and building worlds and complex characters. The Find is her latest novel following Wayward Voyage and Blind Eye.  Initially she worked as a radio journalist before a career in arts management working with UK Arts Councils and as a creative producer. Writing, reading, dance, and yoga shape her life. Originally from New Zealand Anna lives in South-West London.


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