Oh to Be a Gentleman

Oh to Be a Gentleman

By Clive Morton

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Feb 2021


Categories: Contemporary, Humour

ISBN: 9781913551490


Embarking on a cruise from Gibraltar and heading off to Barcelona, Rome, Pisa and Florence, eight passengers meet at dinner and, from that moment on, their lives are inextricably linked as they cruise between beautiful cities and historic sites. 

So, let’s meet our companions for dinner... Nat Mbele, an American businessman, who left his wife but found only guilt; Maude, a retired schoolteacher, who has never previously left Scotland and now feels all at sea; Mark, divorced with two children, wants to expand his life, but will a cruise bring him the new horizons he is hoping for? Veronica, already living in the south of France, recently lost her third husband and has learned that money is nothing without love; Retired barrister, Ralph, always on the lookout for a good time… especially if it involves sex, but at what cost? Liz, a spinster with a successful career in the city but a yearning for more; Darren, computer whizz kid from the East End, who struggles to fit in; and Charlotte, recently divorced, and far from over it...

Thrown together, and crisscrossing the sea, all eight have a chance to change, but will they get their problems shipshape before the final port? Or could they be disembarking with more baggage than when they weighed anchor? 

Clive Morton is semi-retired having spent most of his career in general management and accountancy. He has written two books on how to start and run a one-person business and opportunities for managers which were published by ‘How to Books’. Oh, to Be a Gentleman is his first work of fiction, focussing on manners and how to behave like a gentleman in modern times. Clive lives in Bicester, Oxon. 


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