Grow, Cook & Eat Vegan

Grow, Cook & Eat Vegan

By Phil Glendinning

Publication Date: 28 Oct 2020


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Categories: Health and Wellbeing

ISBN: 9781913551100



Whether you are vegan or simply wish to enhance your wellbeing with a healthier lifestyle, Grow, Cook & Eat Vegan is the ultimate guide to simple, homegrown meals.


Packed full of mouth-watering recipes, nutritious diet plans, gardening tips and grocery lists, you can learn how to grow and enjoy your favourite foods.


Combining growing ideas and basic recipes, Grow, Cook & Eat Vegan is here to inspire you to enjoy simple and healthy plant-based meals.

Phil Glendinning started his career in hotel catering and management, working in every department until he progressed to General Manager – at that time, the youngest in Bournemouth. He worked in the catering industry for many years, eventually owning his own hotel and catering recruitment company in London. Finally, having had enough of the rat race, he moved back to Bournemouth and started his own gardening business. However, not long after setting up the business, he was diagnosed with a serious illness and had to give it up. He is now on the road to recovery and is enjoying growing and cooking his own organic produce at home. It was during the first stages of his illness that he came up with the idea of putting a book together combining growing ideas and basic recipes.


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