Rubbed Up the Wrong Way

Rubbed Up the Wrong Way

By Grace Dorey MBE

Publication Date: Oct. 28, 2020


Categories: Health and Wellbeing, Mind, Body, and Spirit, Autobiography

ISBN: 9781913551087


A medical memoir set in the world of a physiotherapist!

Grace Dorey’s story takes us from her first day as a trembling sixteen-year-old physiotherapy trainee in 1956, to the day she received her MBE for her physiotherapy research.

Highlighting the trials and tribulations of a career in physiotherapy and the many interesting and poignant things that can happen along the way – especially when rubbing patients up the wrong way – this memoir also shows how much the NHS has changed, and how the practice of physiotherapy has evolved since the 1950s.

Told with humour and compassion, Grace shows us what really goes on behind the hospital curtains, in one of the first medical memoirs to be written by a distinguished physiotherapist.

Grace Dorey trained at the London Hospital (now the Royal London Hospital) in 1956 and has had a long and distinguished career in physiotherapy, including private and commercial practice and time spent on Harley Street. She received her MSC after studying the male pelvic floor and followed that with a Ph.D. in the pelvic floor of men with erectile dysfunction. Her research in this area has resulted in her being asked to lecture on the topic across the world, and an MBE. Grace now lives in Co Cavan, Ireland and spends two weeks of every month at her second home in Barnstaple, Devon.

Grace says, “I am intrigued by what makes people tick and have read all the available medical memoirs and have found none which have been written by a physiotherapist, possibly because they were not brave enough to divulge into what happens behind the curtains! I have endeavoured to put this right by writing about my time as a physiotherapist over fifty-four years. This offering is intended to make the reader smile.”


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