Coup Abortive

Coup Abortive

By Hedley Harrison

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: Oct. 28, 2020


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Categories: Crime and Thrillers, History, Politics and Society

ISBN: 9781913551124


Set against the encroachment of Muslim fundamentalism, out-dated regional factionalism and the increasingly powerful culture of the political and professional elite that is more in tune with modern international values than the rivalries of the past, Coup Abortive is the new political thriller by Hedley Harrison.

Mark Shortley, a security consultant, and his partner Janine Effiong, are recruited to prevent illicit arms shipments from entering southern Nigeria. Drawn into the action they meet up with Janine’s cousin Fid Okeke, and the cold and calculating Victoria Akinbode of the Nigerian Security Service (NSS). Things take a turn for the worst when a Middle East terror group gets involved.

The long-standing feud between the Middle East terror group and the Wongs, the arms suppliers, threatens to bring further danger. It is a race against time to prevent the arms shipments from entering Nigeria, which will cause catastrophic changes if they fail.

Hedley Harrison graduated from London University and joined a major international oil company, later progressing to senior management. He worked in the UK, Nigeria, Australia and on the North Sea. Now retired, he lives in Dorchester, Dorset and spends his time writing. This is his fifth book published by the Book Guild. Coup Abortive has the same main characters as his first book, Coup, and is in some ways a continuation of their work and life together. His others, Sorak’s RedemptionSorak Returns and Sorak’s Legacy were in the fantasy genre.


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