The Reunion

The Reunion

By Geoff Pridmore

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: Aug. 28, 2020


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Categories: Historical

ISBN: 9781913208714


The Reunion is the story of an Anglo-German family: Hugo Mauer, a former German POW; his daughter, Cornish-born Hanne, and his niece, Heike, who defects to East Germany to live the life of a communist.

Summer 1963. Hugo, his wife Rene and young family set out from Cornwall to introduce their children to their Bavarian cousins at a family reunion. His belief: that if children are brought up to know one another, there will be no more wars. However, there is one thing he hasn’t taken into consideration – The Wall.

The journey in a Morris Minor van is long and tedious. On the continent, memories of his wartime experiences are triggered, and Hugo finds that the ‘ghosts’ of his past haunt him at every turn...

Geoff Pridmore is the author of Teach Yourself Journalism (Hodder & Stoughton Ed) and Not the Red Baron – the biography of British civilian display pilot, Robin Bowes (Andrew House). In 1997, while studying Journalism at Falmouth College of Art and Design, he was a winning finalist in BBC R4’s ‘Fresh Air Media’ competition. He has worked as a freelance feature writer, a copywriter and literary agent’s reader and is also an actor and independent filmmaker. Geoff recently completed a Masters in History at the University of Exeter and lives in West Cornwall.

Geoff says, “The novel was inspired by my wife, Helene, whose father was a former German POW who became a successful flower grower in West Cornwall. Her recollection of a long journey in a cramped Morris Minor van to her father’s family home in Bavaria in 1963 formed the basis of ‘The Reunion’. To this day, we still attend family reunions in rural Bavaria.”


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