Cat Society

Cat Society

By Ray Sadri

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Sep 2023


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Categories: History, Politics and Society, Humour

ISBN: 9781915853226


Cat Society is a witty and bonkers story of life and politics in Westminster – reimagining the debates, events and headlines of recent years had the world been run by cats. A lot changes. A lot doesn’t.

The country is on the brink of bankruptcy, and backbencher Douglas Schnitty is disappointed with the thousands of homeless cats sleeping by the bins. He gets frustrated with higher powers who only seem to care about their own interests and preserving the country’s finances.

He schmoozes and sabotages his way through the political elite, from assisting the bombastic Hector Perp Pahpousson to disrupting the plans of the Prime Minister. Can his conscience save him, and the slum cats, as events spiral out of control?


Ray Sadri has been a radio journalist, a central government Chief Press Officer and now runs campaigns in the worlds of politics and business. His many years in political communications and journalism taught him that politicians and cats are very much alike. This realisation helped him come up with the concept of Cat Society. He lives with his fiancé, baby boy and Norwegian Forest Cat, Mads — who naturally reigns supreme in the family


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