Death in the Mooragh

Death in the Mooragh

By Judith C Davis

Publication Date: 28 Jun 2022


Categories: Contemporary

ISBN: 9781914471896


Fenella Kelly, widow, artist and guest house owner, faces eviction; her mortgage is about to expire. Her mother Marjorie wishes she would accept Charles Peake’s offer for Bayview, so that they can all move on… Especially incontinent, wheelchair bound Grandmother Norah, who should be in a care home.

So why won’t Fenella agree?

After all, Tom is moving to the other side of the island and Marjorie has a flat overlooking the Mooragh Park and lake. Marjorie resents spending time at Bayview, a place too steeped in memories. While Fenella remains stubbornly resistant to selling, she has in fact been questioning her humdrum life. Painting tourist scenes and catering for greedy guests is all very well, but celibacy is dreary, whilst the unexpected return of Peter Quilliam to the island has stirred dormant desires.

While Fenella daydreams, Marjorie seethes, until an unexpected guest comes to stay.

Nothing will be the same again.


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