Delirium Diaries

Delirium Diaries

By Pete Mackenzie Hodge

Publication Date: 28 Oct 2024


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Categories: Health and Wellbeing, Autobiography

ISBN: 9781835740729


Delirium Diaries is a gripping medical memoir that chronicles Pete Mackenzie Hodge’s unlikely survival in the ICU during a near-fatal illness, followed by the drama and sometimes comic absurdity of deep psychosis.

Offering hope for a post-COVID readership seeking connection and understanding, it explores the contrast between the comfort of home and the sterile hospital environment, from an innocent swim to an induced coma. Pete shares a tale of love and resilience, emphasising the power of sheer grit and determination in defying the odds.

In an era shaped by the aftermath of COVID-19, this memoir provides insight into the human experience, bridging the gap between curiosity and understanding amidst the chaos of uncertainty and upheaval.


Pete Mackenzie Hodge, twice a survivor and now embracing life as a writer, recounts his harrowing ICU experience during the peak of the Covid epidemic in Delirium Diaries. Originally a children's book creator, Pete draws inspiration from personal challenges, including surviving bone cancer and amputation. Infusing his writing with life's lessons and joy, he crafts compelling narratives and cherishes moments with family, friends, music, nature, and his beloved Blackburn Rovers.


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