Invisible Me

Invisible Me

By Bobby Scoynes

Format: paperback

Publication Date: 28 Jan 2025


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Categories: Young Adult

ISBN: 9781835740743


Invisibility – it’s a superpower, right? Well, that’s not quite the reality.

All I want is to be like every other kid my age, but that’s not going to happen when people can hardly ever see me. I have dreams of my own that I want to achieve. I want to fall in love, have friends... I want to be seen.

This is my life, however. This is my reality – “The Invisible Boy”. It’s a curse.


Born in Wiltshire, Bobby Scoynes trained as an actor at London College of Music before going on to become a teacher of both Drama and English in Leicester. In his free time, Bobby enjoys playing the piano, making his own pasta, and diving into a new board game.


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