Lakeland Larks, Laughter and Lunacies: Of an Unmotorised Lake District Walker

Lakeland Larks, Laughter and Lunacies: Of an Unmotorised Lake District Walker

By Anna Nolan

Format: paperback

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Publication Date: 28 Jun 2024


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Categories: Humour, Autobiography

ISBN: 9781916668942
eISBN: 9781835741276


Lakeland Larks, Laughter and Lunacies is a quirky memoir poking fun at the travails and tribulations of Anna Nolan’s car-less exploration of the Lake District, her home and playground, and reflecting her Polish ebullience.

This exuberant and frolicsome book is shot through with humour, suffused with satire and drenched in comedy, striving to strike a balance between her mountain escapades and mishaps on one hand and jocular musings and satirical asides on the other. The latter touch on a wide range of topics including the hilarities arising out of culture clashes between native Britons and a foreigner in their midst, the quirks of human nature and the delights of a more mature age.

Lakeland Larks, Laughter and Lunacies is a series of humorous anecdotes and witty digressions richly interspersed with comic verse with no particular chronology, which makes it perfect for being dipped in and out.


Anna Nolan is a Polish linguist, educationalist, author and satirist with a penchant for irreverent satire and comic verse, humour being in her DNA. Besotted with the English language, Anna worked as a teacher of English, broadcaster at the BBC, manager of public examinations and developer of national qualifications in both England and Scotland. Now retired, she writes, climbs Lakeland mountains and leads a walking group.


Robert Heinaman (Guest Review) - 27 Jun, 2024

In a sprightly style all her own, Anna Nolan takes us through some of the mishaps and occasionally dangerous situations she has experienced during decades of mountaineering in Eastern Europe and England's Lake District. She begins by recounting how, thanks to unexpected political developments in Poland, she and her mother were able to acquire the right to permanent residence in England. Eventually, her love of walking in the Lake District's mountains led her and her husband Vincent to risk giving up secure jobs in London and move to Cumbria. Since then she has been continuously exploring the fells. The misadventures that are the focus of the book are related with wit and energy - and frequently too with the help of humorous poems reflecting on a variety of matters. A book that can be highly recommended, especially to visitors to England's Lake District.

Barbara Crinson (Guest Review) - 05 Jul, 2024

This is a very amusing and thought-provoking must-read, particularly for anyone who has a love of walking and exploring the Lake District fells. Anna writes with an engaging, individual and perceptive style, guaranteed to imprint a constant smile on your face and leave you chuckling as you turn each page. Lurking within the witty and humorous tales and poems, Anna succeeds in reminding the reader of our collective responsibility to reduce our own carbon-footprint and our obligation to preserve the health and future of planet Earth.

Celia Watson (Guest Review) - 11 Jul, 2024

Lakeland, Larks, Laughter and Lunacies is a very entertaining and inspiring book. It tells the story of the author Anna Nolan's early life in Poland, where her love affair with mountains began, to Keswick in Cumbria where she and her husband Vinnie have made their home. There are fantastic descriptions of her mountain adventures all told with humour and self deprecation. Neither Annie or Vinnie drive and the fact that they have managed to access the entire lake district by use of a bus is truly impressive. Anna illustrates some of her stories with poetry into which she weaves observations of everyday life that had me laughing out loud. The title is very apt and I look forward to the sequel.

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