By Marlene Hauser

Format: Paperback

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Publication Date: 28 May 2023


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Categories: Contemporary, Romance

ISBN: 9781915603531


When is enough, enough?

High-powered Sophie Taylor thinks baby-making can happen on the fly. Managed alongside work, marriage, an MBA and travel, she decides to launch Project Bébé. Successful at everything, Sophie expects and always scores one hundred per cent. That is until the shocking failure of one fertility treatment after the next.

As the heart-breaking reality of infertility sinks in, Sophie owns up to another almost unspeakable loss and faces difficult decisions when she’s targeted as the love interest of a high-powered financier. Through a colleague, a mother of four, she learns that motherhood is not all it’s cracked up to be. Just as Sophie feels satisfied with the advantages of a childfree lifestyle, a fateful meeting changes everything…

Triumphant, joyous and full of hope, Mine is a captivating story about a less understood route to motherhood: the fertility option Sophie almost forgot.


Marlene Hauser is an American author of three novels: Mine, Geraniums and Off-Island. Marlene’s novels fit into the category of commercial women’s fiction with a literary twist. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia University in New York. Marlene is based in Oxford, UK.


Libby Rohovit (Guest Review) - 16 Aug, 2023

Having loved Geraniums, I eagerly started Mine. The protagonist Sophie navigates infertility, balancing work, and how to find a way to have meaningful intimacy - situations which I really related to, as I think many modern women do. Sophie studies in France and lives several interesting places, which the author draws extremely well, and clearly knows very well. At times I felt like I was back on the French Riviera and at other times back in Estonia. Beautiful! Really enjoyed the arm-chair travel. The conclusion of how Sophie ends up handling all of this is heart-warming. Strongly recommend.

Barbara Katz (Guest Review) - 22 Apr, 2023

The female protagonist in the novel Mine is smart, perceptive and goal oriented. She has a deep desire to achieve an MBA degree, succeed in business and an even stronger, deeper longing to have a child. It’s not easy for the main character. She’s an anomaly amongst her younger peers in grad school, faces unwanted advances from a businessman, lives in a long-distance marriage, and her biggest struggle is her race against her biological clock.

This absorbing narrative is woven against backdrops of the French Riviera, Estonia, and London. The story is inspiring and centers on a woman’s determination, hope, faith and an overlooked choice. This story captured my heart as it will, I believe, the hearts of many women who are facing or have faced well-established issues surrounding age, an urge for motherhood, infertility, a career, a happy marriage, and the challenge of sorting it all out to live a fulfilling life. Mine is a moving and satisfying read, sensitively told, and one that will warm your heart.

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