Murder at the Manor

Murder at the Manor

By Colin Wade

Format: paperback

Publication Date: 28 Sep 2024


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Categories: Crime and Thrillers

ISBN: 9781835740477


The Cotswold Manor Hotel welcomes an eclectic mix of guests, and on one fateful Friday evening, two witnesses overhear an argument in a neighboring room, followed by a loud thud. The next morning, the maid discovers the room has been vacated; all that remains is a dried bloodstain on the carpet.

Detective Chief Inspector Chloe Taylor attends the scene, and soon after, a body is discovered in the lake on the hotel grounds, launching a murder inquiry. It soon becomes clear that the case is much bigger than she initially thought when one of her key suspects is linked to a terrorism investigation. A DCI from the Counter Terrorism Unit is quickly assigned to work alongside her.

As the investigation progresses, they are confronted by lies and deceit, suspicious characters, fake identities, and a case that threatens to spiral out of control. As DCI Taylor wrestles with the murder case and the politics of working with CTU, the mounting pressure leads her to make impulsive choices, putting her own life at risk.

Will she survive and solve the Murder at the Manor?


Colin Wade is an author of crime and murder mystery thrillers. He has been writing since 2016 and has published five previous books: The Lost Years in 2019, Plutus in 2020, Deadly Connections in 2021, The Sins of the Father in 2022 and The Devil’s Code in 2023.


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