Mutiny in the County

Mutiny in the County

By Jim Carnegie

Format: Paperback

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Publication Date: 28 Mar 2023


Categories: Humour

ISBN: 9781915603166


Middlewood County High School is a failing ‘seat of learning’ near Manchester. As the work force braces itself for another week of confrontation, an inane conversation about wasted weekends drops into something more significant. Instead of marking time and books until the next school holiday, a few chance remarks provide some with a new focus. It emerges that no one has a good word for the Head – the inappropriately named Mr Wright.

The dour Ron Sidebottom, the charismatic Fred O’Nions and the formidable Mary Mee quickly gather damning evidence to show their ‘leader’ isn’t competent enough to lead a conga. However, securing a vote of no confidence proves as problematic as eating soup with a fork.

Inspired by the author’s own long career in teaching, Mutiny in the County is a fresh and original comic novel that provides an insight into the secret world of the secondary school staff room.


Jim Carnegie is a southerner who now lives many miles north of the Watford gap. His love of making people laugh prompted him to put a new slant on the north–south divide in his humorous book In a Different League. Favourable reactions convinced him to write his first novel, Mutiny in the County, inspired by stories from forty years of teaching.


Carolyn Parkinson (Guest Review) - 14 Apr, 2023

What a breath of fresh air!
Having worked alongside Jim for many years, I always knew my friend had the most amazing sense of humour and ability to find something amusing in the most banal of topics. His knack of holding an audience, wit and gift for entertaining is not lost in ‘Mutiny’.
Full of laugh out loud moments (my hubby told me to be quiet several times) this book will brighten the day of all readers as well as giving an insight into life in a staff room!
If you are in need of a good belly laugh then this is the book for you. Couldn’t put it down.

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