Natalie, 60, Looking For... What?

Natalie, 60, Looking For... What?

By Val Erasmus

Publication Date: 28 Sep 2024


Available to pre-order.

Categories: Romance

ISBN: 9781835740521


Natalie, facing retirement, returns to the UK from South Africa to care for her elderly mother, whose mischievous ways have caused nothing but trouble amongst her three daughters. Unsure about what her future holds, Natalie wonders if she is still young enough to have a life.

She reunites with her old friend Maggie, a wickedly cynical veteran of the ‘36-year marriage-gone-stale’ club, who cannot fathom why Natalie would consider introducing another man into her life, let alone actively seek one out on the internet. Especially since, according to Maggie, Natalie has always been a terrible judge of men!

But when Natalie meets 59-year-old Richard, she believes she has found the one: a softy spoken, gentle giant who wines and dines her, takes her on a Caribbean cruise, and enjoys time on the beautiful South African south coast with her.

But is Richard too good to be true? And will Maggie be proven right?


Val Erasmus was born in England but has spent most of her life in South Africa, where she worked, married, and had three children. She is now retired and lives on the south coast of South Africa. Natalie, 60, Looking for…What?  is her first novel.


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