Of No Consequence

Of No Consequence

By E. Hannavy-Cousen

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Jan 2022


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Categories: Contemporary

ISBN: 9781913913885


Some strangers are dangerous, some embody kindness. Joanna can survive only by learning who is who, and which is which, before it is too late.

Get ready to expose the hidden reality of a cosy society that cannot see beyond labels, stigma and prejudice.

Institutions are failing, and at the centre of that failure is a socially isolated and lonely misfit girl called Joanna.

In a world hidden by a veneer of respectability and insipid social consequence, join Joanna on her quest for survival, identity and independence as she discovers how slavery and insidious cruelty envelops the vulnerable. The abandoned child in search of her mother rages against the establishment, and in doing so uncovers a slave racket embedded in the affluent South East of England. The unwanted are snared by their circumstances. The rigid rule of law that prohibits their freedom creates ideal conditions for the slave-masters to prosper.

E. Hannavy-Cousen was born in North London and studied at Luton Art School before training as a teacher. After teaching in various London schools in the 1970s, she moved to Kent and gained a BA and then MA in English and American Literature while continuing to teach in both private and state schools. As well as being an active member of the local politics of her village, she has worked as a support worker for Victim Support, dealing with domestic abuse, hate crime and intimidation. E. Hannavy-Cousen lives on the Kent-East Sussex border with her husband and has two adult children.


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