Overkill or Under-kill

Overkill or Under-kill

By Anthony Paice

Format: Hardback

Publication Date: 28 Feb 2023


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Categories: History, Politics and Society

ISBN: 9781915352439


Middle East and Counter-Terrorism expert Anthony Paice uses research and analysis to trace the underlying causes of the Iraqi takeover of Kuwait in 1990, adding his own personal experiences of the events. He reveals how neither London nor Washington had their eyes on the ball in the months leading up to the invasion and missed opportunities to prevent it.

The successful liberation of Kuwait, he contends, allowed American and British authorities to bury mistakes and hide behind bland denials – including that a special operation had compromised BA flight 149, leading to the detention of hundreds of passengers. This book explores this position and goes on to show how Western miscalculations have led to further sorry situations in the Middle East, culminating in the precipitate withdrawal of forces from Kabul in August 2021 and the disgraceful betrayal of the Afghan people.


Anthony Paice graduated from King’s College, London, in 1964 with a degree in History, specialising in War Studies. After working for the BBC and as a Liberal Party research officer, he joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. He was posted to Calcutta, Bonn, Vienna and Kuwait, where he was present during the 1990 Iraqi invasion. Subsequently, he served at home with the Ministry of Defence as a Middle East and Counter-Terrorism expert, before retiring in 2009.


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