Red Dirt Girl

Red Dirt Girl

By C. A. Lupton

Format: Paperback

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Publication Date: 28 Jan 2022


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Categories: Sci-Fi

ISBN: 9781913913878


It’s the late postgenomic era and the loss of habitable landmass has led to severe limits on human birth. In the drive for species perfection, fewer and fewer can breed, and the long-simmering tension between the reproductive ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ is coming to the boil.

A young woman’s body is found, and Detective Cooper-Clark (Coop to his friends) thinks it a routine case: yet another victim of the ‘red-dirt cocktail’ of drugs, disease and despair. But when he discovers the female had recently miscarried an illegal pregnancy, the case turns anything but routine.

Convinced the lost baby is the key to the murder, Coop finds himself sucked into the dirty waters of state-sponsored eugenics and to the heart of an existential struggle for control over human reproduction.

C. A. Lupton spent her working life in the health and care field but is now retired and lives on the south coast with her family and no other animals.


Reading, T (Guest Review) - 06 Feb, 2022

Reading T, Reviewer
This book went beyond my expectations. The writing is thoroughly engaging and once J started it (as a try a chapter game before I went to bed) I ended up reading the book the entire night! Well, there are some triggering scenes which you will figure out are necessary for the story. The kind of atmosphere the story has been written just pulls you in as you dive more and more into it. The chapters are short. That's another plus point I say! The story reflects the blurb and the cover is quite dauntingly reflect the plot. I really appreciate both. The characters and what they would do next are quite unpredictable. Do not forget to tell yourself to calm down while reading this book. Because I had to do it myself. And that ending. I need another book. Yes, please. Thank you, The Book Guild, for the advance reading copy.

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