Robins in My Kitchen

Robins in My Kitchen

By Bryony Hill

Publication Date: 28 Nov 2024


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Categories: Environment, Autobiography

ISBN: 9781835740965


It all began one late spring morning when a robin unexpectedly fluttered into Bryony’s bedroom. Unfazed, it perched on her dressing table briefly before flitting from room to room, eventually leaving through the kitchen window.

With each passing day, the visits of the robin grew more frequent, its boldness evident as it fearlessly explored its surroundings. Soon, it began bringing moss and leaves to the kitchen window. With each further visit, more nesting materials would appear on the work surfaces or dropped onto the kitchen tiles. Then, one morning, Bryony heard scuffling and rustling noises as the robin began building a nest in the kitchen on the shelf of a pine dresser.

Bryony found herself drawn into the remarkable journey of the robin. She witnessed the little bird’s unwavering dedication, and a few weeks later, four delicate eggs appeared. What followed was one of the most extraordinary experiences of Bryony’s life; as she observed the hatchlings grow under the vigilant care of their parents until one day, under the watchful eye of the father, Bryony released the fledglings into her garden.


Bryony Hill was born in Sussex and, after a year at Brighton College of Art she left England for France where she lived for four happy years. After a time in London where she met her future husband the late television sports presenter Jimmy Hill they returned to her home county and settled in to married life. Bryony is an avid gardener, cook, artist and writer with a love of nature. Robins in my Kitchen is Bryony 11th published book, which she has written and illustrated.


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