Silent Accusation

Silent Accusation

By Lesley Scott

Publication Date: 28 Jan 2023


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Categories: Fantasy and Horror

ISBN: 9781915352422


Fuelled by his need for approval and belonging, stockbroker Peter is building an illustrious future for himself, but when he unintentionally pockets a book in a shop, he is suddenly plagued by strange incidents.

He realises there is a link to the stolen book and becomes determined to solve the mystery, following a trail that leads to his ghostly tormentor, Edward Featherstone, who is searching for his lost son. Peter will not find peace until he fulfils Edward’s beyond-the-grave quest and is plunged into a haunting that would break the bravest. Can Peter prove his mettle against terrifying forces? Or will they consume him?

Silent Accusation preserves the charm of the popular Victorian ghost story, but with a vibrant 1980s setting. It is a tale of twists, tragedy and terrifying awakenings…


From an early age, Lesley Scott has been fascinated with the paranormal. At her childhood home in Scarborough, each family member experienced mysterious and seemingly supernatural occurrences. Perhaps because of this, she has been drawn to ghost stories and the unexplained. She now lives in South Yorkshire.


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