By Gillian Twine

Format: paperback

Publication Date: 28 May 2024


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Categories: Contemporary

ISBN: 9781916668843
eISBN: 9781835741207


After fifteen years of (fairly) devoted parenting, a shocking incident forces mother-of-three and ex-psychologist, Sofia Gardner, to acknowledge that her former A-grade brain now contains absolutely nothing at all.

Determined to validate her academic worth, Sofia embarks on an extraordinary journey to re-educate herself – but as she delves deeper into the world of information, she unearths a good deal more than forgotten subject matter, unleashing disturbing realities regarding fidelity, memory, and the nature of truth itself.

A darkly playful foray into the field of knowledge, Subjects offers a unique take on mid-life self-discovery for anyone out there still wondering who they are, what they really know, and where, exactly, what they thought they knew went.


Gillian Twine’s interest in creative writing was cultivated in a gloriously untidy house on the Northumberland coast, where she grew up surrounded by unusual musical instruments, a lot of stray beach sand, and several thousand interesting books. She has taught English in China, Poland and Peterborough, and now lives in Rutland, with her husband, two sons and a small flock of Indian Runner ducks.


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