Taking Back Control

Taking Back Control

By Reece Garcia

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Jun 2022


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Categories: History, Politics and Society

ISBN: 9781914471889


We are led to believe that an endemic of overwork, debt, the underfunding of public services, gross inequality and poor mental health are sadly unavoidable. That welfare recipients must be cynically assessed for their worthiness of our hard-earned taxes and that migrants are competing for scarcely available jobs. That there is little alternative to the corrupt and unrepresentative politicians who are given license to make all the important decisions for, but effectively without, us.

Taking Back Control dispels these myths through a provocative critique of work, money, politics, and the media.

After establishing the scale of the tasks ahead and why people themselves need to be the vanguard for progressive change, alternatives are offered to break with any reluctant acquiescence to the spiralling inequality and divisions sustained among the populace.

Our prize for taking on this task? A utopian Britain.

An uplifting and passionate response to a government whose slogan of ‘taking back control’ lies in tatters, framing a hopeful programme of socialist liberation for the present.

– Jeremy Seabrook, author of Cut Out: Living Without Welfare and Pauperland: Poverty and the Poor in Britain

'Taking Back Control is a meticulously evidenced and indispensable survey of the catastrophe of late British capitalism.  Its searing analysis of the way that work, the economy, the political system, and the media is organised will have you reaching for your pitchfork.'

– David Whyte, author of Ecocide and How Corrupt is Britain?

'Brilliant – anyone wanting a better and more equal world for all should read this book.'

– Jane Holgate, author of Arise

Reece Garcia is a senior lecturer in Industrial Relations at Manchester Metropolitan University. His research interests centre on what constitutes ‘decent’ work and exploring viable alternatives to neoliberal capitalism. He has been fortunate enough to present his work at conferences and seminar series across Europe, the United States of America, and Australia. Reece’s aim is to make scholarly debates more accessible to a wider audience, as illustrated by Taking Back Control: Putting Work, Money, Politics and the Media in the Hands of the People.


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