Teej! Toto Gets It Wrong

Teej! Toto Gets It Wrong

By Martin Jennings-Wright

Format: Paperback

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Publication Date: 28 May 2023


Categories: Picture Books, Young Children

ISBN: 9781915603364


Toto’s a dog with a lot of personality but very little clue. He and his pal Monty spend their days getting up to various scrapes in their seaside hometown. One day, a bruising encounter with a biffing great Boxer dog leads to a series of ever more farcical misunderstandings for Toto, much to Monty’s guffawing delight. The day sees Toto get himself into a bother as he goes round town trying to put things right, but only ending up more and more muddled.

But does he let his misfortunes get on top of him? Well, yes, he does. But not for long! With a spoonful of spring and a dollop of doggedness, he goes from never failing to get it wrong to managing, somehow, someway, to get it right. And he learns a valuable thing or two about friendship along the way.


Martin Jennings-Wright spends part of his week working in Toto’s of Sidmouth, a little dog shop named after – and owned by – his Jack Russell/Poodle cross, Toto. When not supplying local dogs with the toys of their dreams, Martin is a freelance writer.


Ruth Wild (Guest Review) - 27 May, 2023

I absolutely love this book. Toto is such a great little character with so much personality. His adventures round Sidmouth are a joy and his mishaps and misunderstandings great fun. As a teacher I would definitely read this book to my class. The children would love it. Some great teaching points around word play as well and the lovely lesson of friendship. Through his writing Martin brings both the characters and the town of Sidmouth alive. Lorraine’s delightful illustrations add to this. I really hope we will see more of Toto’s adventures in the future. Make sure you read this one first !

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