The Makings of Emily Jensen

The Makings of Emily Jensen

By Paul A. Mendelson

Publication Date: 28 Jan 2025


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Categories: Contemporary

ISBN: 9781835741054


The Makings of Emily Jensen is a collection of short stories by BAFTA-nominated comedy writer Paul A. Mendelson.

The title story is a romantic comedy about a single woman in her late thirties who sets out to have a baby without any strings or attachments, but soon discovers that fathers need babies too.

Better Late is an unusual ghost story where a middle-aged man meets the father he never knew: a 21-year-old biker who died before his son was even born.

Penalties is a memory tale; a man in his seventies happily recalls how he and his three school pals exacted poetic revenge on the Car-Washing Maniac of Number 43.

The longest novella, SKI-ing, is all about murder. It’s what two adult siblings decide to do when their rich but seriously awful parents suddenly announce that they are going SKI-ing (Spending Kids’ Inheritance). But parenticide isn’t easy, so they swiftly need ‘professional’ help.


Paul A. Mendelson is a BAFTA-nominated screenwriter and novelist. He has created several long-running hit BBC comedy series, including May to December and My Hero, as well as drama for ITV and Radio 4. He created Neighbors From Hell for DreamWorks Animation in LA and has written eleven books, including three for middle-grade children. Paul scripts all his books and four have been optioned for movies.


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