The Play's the Thing

The Play's the Thing

By Dermod Judge

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Jan 2023


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Categories: Contemporary, Historical

ISBN: 9781915352637


Great loves, great theatre roles and great betrayals; rarely have the secrets and seductions of the theatre world been explored with such intensity.

Michael Driscoll, the finest actor of his generation, is tempted by magnificent roles and manipulated when he accepts them. He reaches the dizzy international heights before his Faustian bargain catches up with him. 

Set in apartheid-era South Africa, The Play’s the Thing shows that it is when the world is at its most dishonest that we need the truth of theatre the most.


Dermod Judge has been an advertising copywriter and creative director, a playwright and a screenwriter. He was also a typographer, a designer, an actor, a filmmaker, a documentarist, a theatre critic, a broadcaster, and an international lecturer on scriptwriting and filmmaking. The Play’s the Thing is his eighth published book with the Book Guild.


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