The Winchester Powerhouse

The Winchester Powerhouse

By Anthony Paice

Format: hardback

Publication Date: 28 Nov 2024


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Categories: History, Politics and Society, Religion and Beliefs

hISBN: 9781835740835


Presenting portraits of the Winchester bishops down to the Norman Conquest, The Winchester Power-House is the first volume of a study covering the lives of some one hundred holders of the high ecclesiastical office. Characterised overwhelmingly by benevolence, the pre-Conquest prelates were at the forefront of the reconversion of southern Britain to Christianity.

Beyond their spiritual role, however, they also helped to make Winchester – rather than London or Canterbury – the powerhouse of the expanding kingdom of Wessex and eventually of all England; they helped ensure that it remained the most prized and prestigious diocese in England down to the Reformation.

As key counsellors to the Wessex kings, as reformers, even warriors on occasion, these men exerted a strong influence on the introduction of successive Saxon legal codes and judicial process. Indeed, during the development of an embryonic royal chancery in the early 11th century, the bishop was invariably the choice for chancellor, the king’s chief minister.  It is no accident that the last bishop, Stigand, was both bishop of Winchester and archbishop of Canterbury.


Born in Winchester, Anthony Paice was educated at Peter Symonds School and King’s College, London. A long-serving intelligence officer, at home and abroad, his account of the 1990 Kuwait crisis and legacy, Overkill or Under-kill, was published in 2023. He had previously published The Professional Beggar, biography of an excellent parish priest in 2009. 


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