The Wurtenberg Affair

The Wurtenberg Affair

By David Meaton

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Nov 2023


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Categories: Historical

ISBN: 9781915853424


A fast-moving tale of espionage, crime and murder on the home front during the First World War.

Wesley is the middle of six brothers born to a poor mining family in a South Wales pit village. After following his three elder brothers and father into the mine straight from the village school, Wesley immediately feels as though he will be trapped in hard and dangerous graft for the rest of his life and is determined to break free from the poor health, poverty and lack of opportunity he sees all around him. His determination sees him leave the pit and qualify for admission to the South Wales constabulary just before the start of the Great War.

Fast paced and thrilling, The Wurtenberg Affair charts Wesley’s involvement in a plot to uncover deeply embedded German spies in Welsh ports and his rise through the newly formed secret security police during the First World War.


David Meaton lives in rural Alicante and is retired after a long career in education as a schoolteacher, military trainer and principal of two colleges of technology within the vocational higher education sector. His first novel The Riches of Morgan’s Orchard was published in 2021. The Wurtenberg Affair is the second in The Morgan Trilogy.


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