Ultimate Adventure

Ultimate Adventure

By Lawrence Essex

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Sep 2023


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Categories: Fantasy and Horror, Sci-Fi

ISBN: 9781915853288


Remy Winters has hit rock bottom: unemployed and living back home with her dysfunctional family. However, when she decides to immerse herself in the remake of her favourite childhood video game, the fantasy RPG Ultimate Adventure VII, she’s granted a great deal more escapism than she bargained for.

Finding herself trapped inside the game’s world, fantasy quickly spirals into a nightmare and she soon learns the game has some serious life – and death – consequences.

Remy must assemble a party of real-world players and in-game companions to battle against walking corpses, hordes of monsters and, worst of all, the game’s primary antagonist – The Dread Knight Grimoirh. If Remy wants to avoid a permanent Game Over, she’ll have to find three all-powerful crystal shards before Grimoirh does (sounds simple) and figure out a way home (bit harder) without breaking reality (she’s doomed).

Who said video games never hurt anyone?


Lawrence Essex is a writer, filmmaker and geek from Hertfordshire, England. His short films have aired on TV and at festivals such as Raindance and the British Urban Film Festival. With experience shooting in stunning locations worldwide, Lawrence loves to escape reality and immerse himself in fantasy and roleplaying games, which was the inspiration behind his debut novel, Ultimate Adventure.


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