Vampires and Victims

Vampires and Victims

By Martin M. McShane

Publication Date: 28 Sep 2022


Categories: Fantasy and Horror

ISBN: 9781915122995


Since the signing of ‘The Treaty’ four hundred years ago the Humans of the Cauldron and the Vampires of Storm Hill have lived alongside one another in comparative peace. However, following the rebellion against Lord Harbinger, Cauldronians are disappearing.

Many Elders believe Vampires are kidnapping their kin to feast on them while others are convinced they are being taken to work as slaves in Vampire factories, mills and mines.

The truth is unimaginably worse.

To keep safe, the Carter family move in with Nana Lyons, despite Charlie Carter being terrified of what he witnessed going into her coal cellar as a child. The stakes are raised to new heights when Jed, Charlie’s little brother, goes missing


After spending a number of years living in New Zealand and Australia, Martin M. McShane now resides in North London. While in Australia, he was seconded to work for the Royal Australian Navy where he was responsible for security and communications for warships in Sydney Harbour. Martin now works as the Global Programme Director of a major IT Company specialising in implementing web-based Stock Exchange Systems across the globe.


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