Your Career Satnav… Switch it On!

Your Career Satnav… Switch it On!

By Andrew Garner

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 28 Feb 2022


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Categories: Business

ISBN: 9781914471131


As if managing your career was ever easy, the post-Covid era of remote working in a destabilised global economy has made it a daunting challenge. Moreover, the political and business leaders don’t know how the ‘new normal’ will pan out. 


Even before the pandemic, corporations that were once household names had disappeared or merged, their leaders retired, disgraced or deceased. But there’s more. Look at the impact of…


• The explosive growth of China and India and the competition from their talented workers

• The OECD nations’ changing demographics, with populations living longer

• The under-provision for pensions and growing need for age-related healthcare

• Competition from growing numbers of highly skilled women 

• The exam grade inflation in schools and universities

• Covid-19, which has hammered the world and intensified competition for work. 


No one knows how these influences will affect our future, but they will. So how best to set objectives, choose qualifications, prepare your CV, time your promotion/move, and perform at interviews when your short-listed rivals will be equally qualified? This book shows you how.



Andrew Garner is a global authority on creating senior teams capable of steering corporations through major change. He is credited by Charles Handy and Tom Peters as the inventor of modern theories of career development. Having taught at top business schools, he mentors business chiefs in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and the US, helping them navigate the turbulence from digital disruption, global expansion, management coups, and the pandemic. A respected business commentator, Garner’s speaking engagements span education, leadership, diversity, the challenges posed by reliance on screen-based data, and career management.


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