Jane H Wood

Jane H. Wood published her debut novel, GoldenEars: The Whispering Mountain, in 2019, and the follow-up in the series: GoldenEars: The Pale Skulls, was released in 2021.

Both titles have won, "Recommended Read," Awards in Author Shout's 2022 book contest.

The story tells of the unlikely friendship between a teenage boy and a wild wolf pup. A friendship against all odds, and where love and trust are the only things that truly matter. Jane’s passion for animal welfare, specifically wolves, is accentuated in her writing.

"It is my dearest wish that my books will help bring awareness to the unjustified persecution directed at wolves in the wild and the urgent need to protect these endangered, misunderstood animals."

Jane pursued a career in women’s fashion, specialising in window display design. She found employment with a prestigious fashion house and department store in her hometown of Bristol.

A special day arrived during the first summer in her new job, and she would like to share this unforgettable memory with you.

“It was during August 1973, that there were huge celebrations which marked the 600th anniversary of the granting of the charter by King Edward III which gave Bristol the right to call itself a County, and to honour the occasion Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Phillip toured our city on that memorable day. It was a glorious day of street parties, brass bands and parades where dozens of decorated floats graced the streets. And it was my pleasure, along with my team of innovative artists to create a stunning theme throughout our display windows, competing with other stores for the best window design.”

If you would like to know more facts about wolves, books by Jim and Jamie Dutcher, and Daniel Wood are informative reads.

Jane H Wood's Books

ISBN: 9781912881031


GoldenEars: The Whispering Mountain

April 28, 2019

Mira lay deep inside her den, nuzzling her newborn pups. As the weeks pass, the unusual appearance of two of her offspring grows more pronounced and with that, the pack's behaviour changes. A strangeness hangs in the air, compounding the onlookers' superstitions. As fear turns to aggression, Joel, the alpha male, is forced to assert his dominance and defend his family...

Edmund Rainer is on vacation with his dad in the forest, when he discovers the little body of a wolf pup. Carrying him back to the cabin, Edmund rescues the pup, fascinated with his beautiful ears. A friendship blossoms between the two, but when a devastating storm propels them on an extraordinary journey, they must use their instincts to survive the hidden dangers lurking in the forest.

Unwittingly, Edmund becomes embroiled in the treachery revolving around the young pup and his life becomes increasingly under threat as he tries to protect GoldenEars from harm.

Jane H Wood was born in Bristol in 1951. Later her family moved to the East Anglian town of Colchester. She began her working life in the competitive and changing world of women's fashion. After Jane married in 1973, she and her husband Peter moved to Bristol where Jane found employment with a prestigious department store, and her career progressed to senior window display designer. She has two grown-up sons and now lives in West Sussex with her husband. This is her debut novel.

ISBN: 9781913551216


GoldenEars: The Pale Skulls

Jan. 28, 2021

"If you’ve read and liked White Fang or The Call of the Wild, this book is a definite must for you. Endless love and tender emotion for the animal kingdom (wolves!) in this gripping, adventurous tale. Pure and honest as a snowflake, shiny as a crystal of ice..."

– Bernard Jan 

Edmund vows to find his beloved wolf, GoldenEars. Returning home on leave, our newly-fledged forest ranger begins to research the myths and legends surrounding wolf lore.

Whilst at the library he meets a Native American, named Joe, who agrees to assist him. He learns about Edmund’s special friendship with a wolf; confirming that both their destinies are bound together. Joe warns Edmund of the coming dangers, and a journey that he alone must undertake; enter a world beyond his imagination if he is to find his wolf.

Evil stalks Canada’s western wilderness, threatening the existence of every living creature, including the people who live there.

A terrible truth is revealed, one Edmund can barely comprehend.

The story takes a devastating twist, forcing Edmund to dig deep into his soul. He must overcome heartache, jealousy and rage and rise above the hurt if he is to save himself and the wolves and make a better life for them all.

Jane H Wood was born in Bristol in 1951. Later her family moved to Colchester, Essex, where Jane was brought up. She worked for many years in the fashion industry and after returning to Bristol her career advanced to senior window display designer. She has two grown-up sons and now lives in West Sussex with her husband. GoldenEars: The Pale Skulls is her second novel. Jane is an enthusiastic artist and enjoys painting a scene on canvas or simply applying graphite to paper; animals are her passion. She is a supporter of ciwf.org and various wildlife conservation charities. Visit: www.janehwoodauthor.co.uk for more information.