Bruce Harris

Bruce Harris started writing after retiring from a career in teaching and educational research, the latter including writing articles for the Times Educational Supplement, the Guardian and the Independent as well as educational magazines. He has a Masters degree in educational research. 


He has published three novels, including Howell Grange, Gemini Day and The Densham Do; four collections of short stories, including First Flame, Odds Against, The Guy Thing and Fallen Eagles, and three poetry collections, Raised Voices, Kaleidoscope and The Huntington Hydra.  The proceeds from five of his books have been dedicated to Huntington's Disease charities, owing to the illness of his civil partner. 


He has an extensive record of success in short story and poety competitions, too long and detailed to be replicated here, but details of it, as well as his publications in various competition anthologies over the years, can be seen at


Bruce Harris's Books

ISBN: 9781912881918


Howell Grange

28 Oct 2019

A family saga. A mining disaster. A northern history.

As a mine-owning family, the Howells are used to the trials and tribulations that the business can bring. But after a knife-wielding miner breaks in and accuses one of the family members of murder, they realise that their safety could be at risk...

George and Elizabeth, and their children, Charlie, Francis, Charlotte, Anne and Alice are settled in their Northumbrian home, or so they thought...

Told in five parts through the years 1844–1866, these chronicles visit the family at historical intervals, choosing momentous days to reflect the point reached in the family’s rich history. We follow Charlie through his battles in the Crimean War; Francis, through his fights to make the mines safer, Charlotte, through her marriage to a substantial local landowner, Alice, through her involvement with a major mining disaster and Anne, through her marriage to a local firm clerk.

Howell Grange is a northern history.

Bruce Harris lives in Devon and is now retired after spending his career working as a secondary school teacher and then an educational researcher. His educational research articles have been published in the Independent, the Times Educational Supplement and the Guardian, as well as in educational magazines. He has also written poems and short stories, which have won several awards. This is his first novel.

ISBN: 9781913551391


Fallen Eagles

28 Jan 2021

Written in aid of the Huntington's Disease Youth Organisation (HDYO), with a foreword from Catherine Martin, CE of the HDYO.

The title story, Fallen Eagles, is a Hamlet-inspired story about a Scottish boy who loses his idolised mountaineer father in an accident and blames his uncle to such an extent that he contemplates murder. Other stories take us to the French Revolution, the First World War and to more contemporary situations such as coming out, shaking off the parental yoke and exploring old and new love. 

Each story explores the diversity of young people’s experiences as they emerge into adulthood and the wide-ranging themes are both contemporary and relatable to the modern reader. 

Fallen Angels has been produced to raise funds for Huntington’s Disease Youth Organisation, a charity that Bruce has worked closely with for many years, following his civil partner’s diagnoses with Huntington’s Disease in 2016.

Praise for Bruce Harris’ earlier short story collection, Odds Against:

“There is strength and warmth, toughness and kindness in these stories, making up a collection that is spirited and uplifting.” – Alison Moore, author of Booker Prize short-listed novel, The Lighthouse

Bruce Harris is a retired secondary school teacher and an educational researcher. His research has been published in The Independent, the Times Educational Supplement and the Guardian. Bruce has been writing poems, short stories and novels since 2004 and his creative work has been recognised through a variety of prizes and awards. He lives in Seaton, Devon with his partner.

ISBN: 9781914471087


The Densham Do

28 Feb 2022

This is a wedding that will change lives – and not just the lives of the bride and the groom.

Devon-born London lawyer Kate Densham is to marry her colleague, Robert Harrington. Her father, a senior university professor, is involved in a substantial land deal in which the university is seeking to sell a large chunk of the land it owns to a developer. Kate and her fiancé are acting for the possible buyers of the land. They know that the organisation is involved in criminal activity and has strong ties to the chairman of the local planning committee, and believe they can take effective action against them 'from the inside’...

But don’t forget – as all of this is happening, there’s still the wedding to attend.

From Matthew Densham, the uncle of the bride, to Celia Harrington, the grandmother of the groom; Phyllis Drayton, friend of the bride’s parents, to Simon Roche, an ex-university friend of the groom; this is a wedding that will impact the lives of all that are involved.

Bruce Harris lives in Devon and is now retired after spending his career working as a secondary school teacher and then an educational researcher. His educational research articles have been published in the Independent, the Times Educational Supplement and the Guardian, as well as in educational magazines. The Densham Do is his third novel and tenth published book, the list including four collections of award-winning short stories and three poetry collections.

ISBN: 9781915603722


Diamond Val

28 Jun 2023

After building a successful group of restaurants, Val Reynolds meets and marries jeweller Hugo Gilard, and forms the Gilrey Corporation. On Hugo’s death, Val finds herself fighting against managers within the corporation who seek to take it over and turn into a more ruthless and profit-driven concern than she and Hugo envisaged. The battle involves Val’s four adult children and their partners, not all of whom are wholly supportive of her.

The business jungle and its effect on the people within it is exposed in the ongoing battle for control of the Gilrey Corporation, and its effect on a family at a vulnerable time shows the different characters and aspirations of them all.

After describing family matters historically in Howell Grange and over three days of a marriage in The Densham Do, Bruce Harris turns to the business politics and conflicts of the Gilard family in this latest work.


Bruce Harris lives in Devon and began writing after retiring early from a career in teaching and educational research. His educational research articles have been published in the Independent, the Times Educational Supplement and the Guardian, as well as in educational magazines. He has published three poetry collections, three novels and four collections of short fiction.